Very beautiful set of Baltic amber. Beads in the form of olives, 16x13 mm. The length of the Necklace is 55 cm, weight is 44 grams, the weight of the bracelet is 17.0 grams, the size is 17,5-18.

Each amber bead is unique, it can have roughness, small depressions, which gives the product a special appeal and originality.

The healing properties of amber are unique: it normalizes hormones, improves metabolism, eliminates problems with pressure, improves cardiac activity, thyroid function, the bowels and kidneys, heals skin diseases, vision and hearing disorders, central nervous system disorders.

The magical properties of amber are as strong as the healing ones. It is believed that amber is able to protect from damage and the evil eye, strengthen intuition, bring fortune, wealth and well-being.

Beads Length
length, cm 55
color quail egg
Size of beads
bead diameter, mm 13
bead length, mm 16
Size of the wrist
size, cm 17,5

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Necklace and bracelet from amber. Renaissance

  • 11,340 ₽

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