Bracelet from Baltic amber, color is tea with sparks of the sun inside. The shape of the beads is a crumpled ball, about 13 mm in diameter. Weight 22.5 grams. Size 18.

To date, more than 250 different colors of natural amber are known. The color of the stone depends on the environmental conditions that surrounded the amber at the time of its formation and transformation, as well as on the number of minerals and trace elements present in its composition.

The amber of rich brown and cherry hues is famous for its rich content of iodine, iron and copper, which favorably affect the blood, the human vascular system, the heart and the thyroid gland.

Amber carries peace and tranquility, strength and wisdom. It helps to harmonize the internal state, to cope with negative emotions, and also gives confidence.

Unlike other stones, amber is a warm stone, it is "alive". He has an organic origin, he has a living beginning, and like all living things, amber is warm.

Each amber bead is unique, it can have roughness, small depressions, which gives the product a special appeal and originality.

color tea with sparks of the sun inside
Size of beads
bead diameter, mm 13
Product weight
weight, g 22,5
Size of the wrist
size, cm 18

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Bracelet from Baltic amber, color is tea with sparks of the sun. Crumpled ball

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