Once the Hedgehog was sitting on the Baltic sea shore and looking at the descending rays of the setting sun. He was imagining himself walking on the sunny beam and reaching the sun.

«If I came to the Sun,» - thought the Hedgehog, - «I would surely ask him for one ray and I would wear it as a scarf. The sunny scarf-ray would warm me even in cloudy days. And in the winter I would cover with this wide sunny-scarf my friend Bear, and he would dream the warm sun, the sea and yellow sand».

And he did so. The hedgehog ran on a sunny beam, reached the sun and asked him for one ray. And when he had returned to the coast, the hedgehog saw on sand many sunny amber pebbles.

«It is my sunny scarf! - said the hedgehog happily, - Just it is not knitted yet. I would gather amber pebbles and knit a sunny beam to myself».

Since then the Hedgehog had a scarf-ray. His friend Bear called it «a honey ray». And in cold days this amber ray warmed friends by memories of warm summer, the sea and sand.

And when the Hedgehog held a amber bead in his palm, he felt its warmth and guessed that it was the sun warming his hands.

The author of the tales is Olga Vorkutinskaya

Amber is really a warm stone. To verify this, you can just hold it in a palm for some time. You feel warmth of the stone and its attractiveness. True beauty of amber, its power and greatness are revealed in hands indeed. You want to touch it and to look at it. It fascinates, surprises, admires.

Why unlike all other stones amber is the only stone which keeps warmth, but not cool?

Because amber, unlike all other stones, is a «live» stone. Being, in fact, not a stone, but a fossilized resin, amber has an organic origin. He has a live beginning and as all living things, amber is warm!