A very beautiful bracelet made of Baltic amber in the color of green tea. The diameter of the balls is 12.5 mm. Product weight 30 grams. Size 17

Amber admires with its originality and unique healing properties. This is a mystery stone, a stone with a history of millions of years, a stone that enchants with its beauty and attractiveness.

It reveals the inner beauty of its owner, neutralizes the negative aspects that manifest themselves in a person, harmonizes its internal state, gives confidence, reveals creative potential.

Unlike other stones, amber is a warm stone, it is "alive". He has an organic origin, he has a living beginning, and like all living things, amber is warm.

Each amber bead is unique, it can have roughness, small depressions, which gives the product a special appeal and originality.

color green tea
Size of beads
bead diameter, mm 12,5
Product weight
weight, g 30
Size of the wrist
size, cm 17

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Amber bracelet, color is green tea, 12,5 mm

  • 5,060 ₽

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