About Us

Amberstein offers you bracelets, beads, beads and pendants made of Baltic amber.
Our products have established themselves as top-class products. For production, we use only natural Baltic amber without any additives and dyes. And we can guarantee the highest quality of our products.

If you came for quality, then be sure that you found it here.

We collect each product with warmth and care, and our customers always note the special energy of our products.

By processing amber and manufacturing products, we carefully preserve the amazing properties of this stone. To feel it, just hold the amber in your hand and listen to yourself - you will feel incredible warmth and tranquility, as if filled with the wisdom of this stone, which has kept history for 40 million years.
We love our work and send you our amber products with love.

Actual address: 238530, Russia, Kaliningrad Region, Zelenogradsk, p. Klintsovka, Lesoparkovaya st., 15
Email: post@amberstein.ru
Phone: +7 (900) 565-58-85
Telegram: @AmbersteinRU
WhatsApp, Viber: +7(900) 565-58-85
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Vorkutinsky Mark Stanislavovich, SE
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Legal address: 238530, Russia, Kaliningrad region, Zelenogradsk, p. Klintsovka, Lesoparkovaya st., 15
Phone: +7 (900) 565-58-85